Basic Instinct Training B.I.T.©

Years of experimenting with innovative and revolutionary ways of training scent detection canines resulted in the development of a proprietary and copy write protected method of dog training, B.I.T.©, (Basic Instinct Training). B.I.T. utilizes and enhances the dog’s natural instincts and drives, channeling the dog’s genetic programming to hunt, track and stalk prey. Rather than trying to force dogs to adapt itself to how we think the dog should be searching for an odor, B.I.T. encourages dogs to use their natural predatory instincts to stalk and capture prey. Dogs learn to follow odors emitted by such things as explosives, narcotics or bed bugs to its source much like they would a deer or rabbit. B.I.T. was developed through years of experimentation, observation and real world experience using dogs in both private and public service. FSI K9 relied heavily on advice from canine behavioral experts and veterinary professionals. B.I.T. is based primarily on positive reinforcement, operant conditioning and what is commonly known as “behavior shaping”. It is an extraordinary mix of motivational techniques and timing. The canines are taught a series of behaviors that become progressively more complex and cumulatively form the compound set of actions known as a “search pattern”, that is to say that the canine learns to methodically search for and alert to the specific source of a target odor. Because of its emphasis on positive reinforcement, B.I.T. produces top quality work dogs that are happy, highly motivated, excited and enthusiastic. Every scent detection canine trained at FSI K9, whether a termite canine, explosives canine, bed bug canine, arson canine or narcotics canine – all are trained with this exclusive and revolutionary method.

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